SMAK is a simple tool for 3D artists that can preview models and render diffuse, ambient occlusion, normal and cavity maps.
Accelerated Multi-Baking!
Bake your hi-res million-quad models down to a game-resolution model with diffuse, normal, and ambient occlusion maps in minutes!
Real-Time Model Preview!
See what your maps and models look like in real time with the 3D/UV render preview modes and integrated scene tree.
Super Fast Parallelized Optimized Speed!
We trained a team of multi-dimensional monkey programmers to randomly "smak" the code until it ran excessively fast, and it only took 1,265 years!
Simple, Fast, and East!
Your model can have diffuse normal and AO maps with only two drags and a click. No more boring five part tutorial videos half an hour long!